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Created May 30, 2014 in Boulder, CO, USA.

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Designed for your meditation space, each photo is infused into a metal frame for maximum durability (300+ years). Made in USA. Final product has smaller watermark.
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About INTUITION - #64

“Listen to your intuition. It will tell you everything you need to know.” - Anthony J. D'Angelo

For this edition, I wanted to go deep into the mountains to find a sacred spot. I had no idea where exactly it would be, but there was a driving force to my steps. Like a magnet inside of me, my intuition propelled me into the mountains. After driving up the canyon, there was this one area by the side of the road that just jumped out at me. It was almost as if I had lost all mental control of my body. Thought was useless, as I was bound by the power of my intuition.

I safely parked my vehicle and began hiking. After a little while I came to a slight ridge, where I found a beautiful area that had quite a magical feeling to it. There was such a humble feeling of calm and serenity as the river ran through the deep canyon walls. I knew I had found the spot!

As I began to look for the exact area where I would create this edition, I couldn’t help but take it all in. My internal chatter was momentarily silenced by the sheer gratitude of this magnificent place. Each footstep along the river was led by the force of my intuition, and when I arrived at the spot that you see before you in this edition, I froze.

Everything was in a sacred alignment at that moment. This type of alignment is impossible to describe, but I am sure that you have felt this type of alignment a few times in your life. Upon seeing this scene, I felt so on track with my purpose I had tears of joy. The million year-old stones at the base of a 1,000+ foot cliff had spectacularly intricate shapes after thousands of years of water flowing through them. A few stones at the bottom of the huge rock wall began to call my name, and the balance began.

I’ll be honest: I failed for the first hour of attempt. Looking back on this hour of failure, my limiting beliefs slowly snuck into my workflow and resulted in the nearly balanced stones falling into the water over and over again. The hardest part about my work is silencing this internal chatter. My limiting beliefs used to control me as a kid, and still to this day whenever challenge arises they always begin to flare up. The difference is now as an adult I am able to recognize my internal “failure” chatter and become aware that those thoughts are not who I am. I believe very strongly that my purpose is much greater than my thoughts will ever be able to conceive.

Finally after much frustration, I dropped the stones in my hands and took a step back to once again get a clear vision of what I was trying to achieve. Then, everything just clicked. I started in a slightly new spot, just a foot away from the previous failures. In this new area I once again felt the clean, powerful, sacred energy. The balance quickly occurred, and I can honestly say that the final balance of the top rock is one of the most challenging balances I have done so far in my life.

I quickly grabbed my camera to capture the moment, and after I took the shot that you see before you, a great feeling of purpose and destiny washed over me. My intuition served me incredibly well for this edition, and I hope that it serves you as a great reminder to always follow your intuition.