Breathe • 呼吸する • Respirar • 숨을 쉬다 • 呼吸 • साँस लेना • дышать • Atmen

Frequency Travis Ruskus.jpeg

Travis Ruskus

Contemporary Artist Based in San Francisco, CA, USA.

Thank you for your attention. My journey has been long and complex, and so has yours. Which is why it's crazy to even think about how rare this moment actually is. Everything I ever did led me to write these words and everything you ever did led you to read them. Breathe and enjoy this moment... because this too shall pass.

How do I know what I know about rock balancing and meditation? I have seen the same look in everyones eye when they discover what abundance really feels like.

I have taught thousands of people how to balance a single stone in the most difficult way possible and they all get that same incredible smile when their first balanced stone finally locks into place.

The art of rock balancing has given me the gift to lean into doubt, push past my own fear, and access the infinite potential that surrounds us all.

The creative process is going out to amazing landscapes, become grateful and present with the environment, and balance a beautiful sculpture with local rocks that are millions of years old. The resulting photograph becomes a tool for the viewer to become aware of the present moment and the balance of energy that lives within everything. 

How to use

Whether in your private meditation space at home or during that important meeting, taking a few moments to breathe through the stress and chaos of the moment can be a powerful practice. 

My artwork is a catalyst to bring your attention back to the present moment. A symbol to breathe. By becoming aware of the internal chatter during the moments you view the image, limiting beliefs begin to fade from the mind as you reconnect with the abundance that lies within every moment.

Let go of "who you should be" and embrace who you truly are. Happiness is only available in the present moment.