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Created July 26, 2017 in San Francisco, CA, USA.


At the heart of every action we take is desire. What drives that desire can be split into two energy sources: expectation or intention.

Expectation is the hard path. What we expect others to do or say and what we expect from ourselves is always a painful struggle. Even if we reach this expectation there is always a longing for something more.

Intention is the path I recently started to travel down and has been the most rewarding. My heart is true and because of this I can humbly say that in this moment I have everything I need.

By letting go of our assumptions for the future we can embrace who we truly are in the present.


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Available in 3 Sizes
Small - 8x12in - $125
Medium - 16x24in - $400
Large - 24x36in - $1,100

Photo is infused into metal frame for maximum durability

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Travis Ruskus 138 watermark.png
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