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EGO - #134

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Created May 18, 2017 in San Francisco, CA, USA.


We have on average about 70,000 thoughts per day... that's roughly one each second! This constant flow of energy in the mind will never stop, but instead can be directed towards either the positive or the negative.

Ego is a person's sense of self-esteem and self-importance. It is a natural tendency for the ego to present ourselves as we want to be... instead of as we actually are.

To resolve this, I humbly remove my inflation of ego to find the inner core of the soul that carries each heartbeat forward. Lately I have been meeting my dreams with the true reality of what I am doing to fulfill them. When you give the ego a taste of humble pie, it becomes more authentic over the long term.

I have found through my journey that my ego will never go away. However, what I can do is build a positive and honest relationship with the thoughts I think. To give myself compassion and understanding for every step I take. I wish the same for you.


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