Development (124)


Development (124)

Created October 20, 2016 in San Francisco, California, USA

Photograph on Metal Print
24 x 36 in (60.96 x 91.4 cm)

This is a unique work (1/1 Artist Edition). Final high resolution artwork has no watermark and includes certificate of authenticity.



“Here is what I think are the 4 levels of development:

LEVEL 1) An idea is born. It will either become stagnant and slowly fade away, or move to the next level by getting it out into the physical world.

LEVEL 2) The idea is now a thing. Although it’s a thing, it just doesn’t seem quite like the mind had originally pictured that thing. Get ready, because as an added bonus there’s now some resistance pushing back on your idea from yourself and/or other people. What do you think of your fancy idea now?

LEVEL 3) Acquiring the ability to always get back up again is what gets you into this next level. Failure is warmly welcomed from honest attempts - it shows the fatal flaws and what is required to correct them. This is when the original idea has a head-on collision with reality.

LEVEL 4) Right before the finish, the desire to quit can be the strongest. Keep in mind that only big risks can reap big rewards. Take all that you have developed from your original idea and step into those defining moments of glory.”


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