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ORIGIN - #121

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Created August 25, 2016 in Boulder Canyon, CO, USA.

I flew back home to Boulder to visit my family for a few days and after driving up the local canyon to create this Edition I couldn’t help but think about the origin of things.

Rocks, trees, water, and even me. Of course let’s not forget about you! Where did this all come from? No one really knows the true origin of it all, and many human wars over thousands of years have been fought over who thinks they are right about who or what the “creator” is.

Here’s my philosophy… the “creator” lives within everything and is constantly recreating itself - much like a circle. Although I was born 26 years ago and only a few miles from where this Edition was created, I feel like I have been reborn many times since opening my eyes for the first time.

But who is to say that I haven’t lived a previous life in another form? No one really knows, but the way that the world constantly transforms gives me a good hint that this journey isn’t my first and definitely not my last.

A raindrop joins the river, which leads to the sea, and then becomes rain again. Our origin doesn’t begin at a single point, but rather is a constant cycle of change and growth.


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Photo is infused into metal frame for maximum durability


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