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SPARK - #112

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Created February 22, 2016 in San Francisco, CA, USA.

About this Edition

Imagine the world 200 years from now.

In your head - right now - just imagine it. Picture the technology, how humans will be interacting with the environment, the landscape shifting, etc.

Now add yourself into this future scenario.

After the sun sets, will the things you created today have such a positive impact on the world tomorrow that it’s very shift and evolution was due to your efforts?

I think most of us would agree that we would like to have an impact of magnitude for the future. Now is the tough part where you have to ask yourself if what you are actually doing right now is creating a spark in the right direction 200 years from now. Is your daily life and your biggest accomplishments actually making a difference?


Think about this: with a single match you have the capacity to light the Olympic torch. But with a single match you can also burn down a house, or ignite a bomb.

When things get dark, that’s when you find out what kind of spark you carry. What kind of difference you will make.

Whether we like it or not, our energy - either positive or negative - automatically transfers to the people we encounter. As a result, that energy shines to the people they meet, and so on. Each of us plays a role in creating the world 200 years from now.

I encourage you to make your role a positive one and build a balanced future.

Maybe it could be by saying hi to a neighbor, calling a loved one, or even developing a prototype for the next great thing. Take your spark to make your mark and build the arc. Now go make some waves : )


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