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Created October 12, 2015 in San Francisco, CA, USA.

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Designed for your meditation space, each photo is infused into a metal frame for maximum durability (300+ years). Made in USA. Final product has smaller watermark.
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About This Artwork

Let’s talk about scale. You can have a tiny rock, but yet it is balanced on a big rock. And yet that big rock is nothing compared to the size of the huge rock on the horizon. However, that same tiny rock as before can seem gigantic when compared to a grain of sand.

This edition is playing with the idea of scale and the perception we have around what’s big or what’s small is merely in relation to our selves. If you take the Earth, it might seem huge. But compared to the grand scale of the universe, we’re merely just a grain of sand.

All rocks eventually turn into sand, which is why I’m playing with this stone balance concept. The time we have is only right now. it may seem like you have this long life ahead of you - and I’m young so I especially perceive that - but all we have is this moment right now. 

By momentarily balancing these stones that are so old, it really helps to connect me with each moment that is happening right here, right now.