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Transform stress into clarity

Artist Statement

San Francisco based artist Travis Ruskus combines temporary rock balance sculptures with photography, freezing into infinity the ephemeral moment. The healing energy of the meditative work showcases a transformation of stress to clarity; scarcity to abundance. His editions and workshops investigate the reconnection of human and Earth.

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Rock balancing is the practice of piling up stones in natural settings, creating everything from simple towers to amazingly elaborate and apparently gravity-defying sculptures.

People balance rocks for fun, to challenge themselves and as a way of being mindful, connecting to nature and focusing on the present moment.

As the book guides you through the practical techniques of rock balancing, it also explains how to breathe properly, how to approach the rocks with self-belief, face fear and go beyond what you had previously thought to be your limits.

Finally, it discusses how to let go and destroy the balances you have created, leaving nature in a pristine state.

A rock balance is a metaphor for whatever you are trying to achieve in life — and this practice allows you to train yourself to do more than you ever thought possible.

240 Pages, English

About the Author

Travis Ruskus is a professional rock balance artist and meditation instructor who lives and works in San Francisco, CA, USA. He teaches rock balancing to adults and children as a meditative practice to transform stress into clarity.

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The Healing Room Project

Transform stress into clarity with a meditative rock balance art installation that creates a healing experience of peace.

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