Why I speak about rock balancing

As my journey continues, the challenge I face is how to balance ego with vision.

It seems that to spread an idea of inspiration I need to spread awareness of myself as an artist. I need to say “look at me and the art I have created!” in a way that actually makes you look at yourself.

When I speak in front of others about rock balancing, it’s not about me. It’s about YOU. I present a moment of possibility. A moment of safety from the negative scripts we constantly tell ourselves. Doubt is just an illusion and I want to free you from it.

Attention is the asset for change and with it I can become a catalyst for growth in myself and others. I see the world in so much self-inflicted pain. I will spend the rest of my life showing others how to release doubt and step into opportunity.

If this means I need to step in front of thousands of people and tell them that their greatest critic is themselves, then it’s what I must do in order to create a positive future. I can no longer feed myself fear and must start living in humble confidence.

The art of rock balancing shows me what I believe when facing the challenge. I’ll never make a rock balance with doubtful thoughts, as I must fully believe in myself in order to create something amazing.

Whether you are a CEO or an elementary school student, it doesn’t matter to me. Your religion and skin color mean nothing to me. What matters is that you are living an authentic life of happiness and it doesn’t require manipulating others to get it.

The world is an abundant place and if there’s just one thing I can leave you with, it’s that YOU DESERVE GREATNESS. Let’s take this moment and go do some great things with it.


Travis Ruskus is a rock balance artist based in San Francisco, CA, USA.
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