BREATHE Stickers


BREATHE Stickers


Inhale Blue Sky
As you inhale, become aware of what your senses are experiencing in this moment (sight, sound, taste, smell, touch). Visualize your meditative awareness as a blue sky.

Exhale Clouds
As you exhale, notice what thoughts appear. Keep the exhale steady and let the thoughts fade. Visualize thoughts as clouds passing along the sky.

Repeat as Necessary
This can be done sitting or standing, with eyes open or closed.



Inhale Growth
As you inhale, focus your energy upward, like trees growing branches into the sky.

Exhale Roots
As you exhale, focus your energy downward into the core of the Earth, like trees growing roots.

Repeat as Necessary
This can be done sitting or standing, with eyes open or closed.



coming soon


coming soon

About the Stickers

A friendly reminder to meditate

Living in San Francisco, CA means my days are constantly in transition from one experience to the next. Instead of finding time to sit in a quiet room for long periods of time and meditate, I try to meditate throughout the daily experience.

Meditation is awareness through time. The key is consistently reminding our thoughts to open up to this awareness.

Bringing attention to the breath helps me become less reactive in stressful situations and makes enjoyable experiences even more pleasurable. Whether I am checking email, stuck in traffic, having a nice meal, or balancing rocks, It’s important for me to pause for a moment and remember to breathe.

Currently I have these stickers placed on “mindful objects” such as my front door, bedroom mirror, car dash, phone, and laptop — all places that I need to remember to take a mindful breath.

I originally made these just for my own personal use. Based on many people asking about them, I’ve decided to offer them to the public. I hope these stickers serve you well.

Product Details
Thick Vinyl with Glossy Finish
1.5 inch Diameter (3.8cm)

International: $20 USD

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