Edition 133

I want to talk about something that I have really been noticing over the last few hundred people that I have been teaching how to rock balance…

There has been an overlying theme that most people really doubt themselves and don’t see themselves as worthy. Worthy of love, worthy of following their ideas, or worthy of simply having a voice.

Through the power of technology I have also seen this so many times when people will engage with my work online and I can see the doubt even in the way they write their words.

If you are looking at this Edition I just want to tell you that YOU ARE WORTHY. All of your previous failures have led you to this moment and what you do with this moment is entirely up to you. You can either continue to tell yourself “I can’t” or you can start telling yourself “I can” and start to really see that beautiful gift that is already inside of you.

I know this sounds like motivational bullshit but this really isn’t. This is something that I have seen thousands of times… when the spark in someone’s eye ignites because I got them to easily balance a rock in the most difficult way possible.

All of my imperfections are what makes me perfect - just like you. I hope that if you ever want to come out to San Francisco I can show you how to do this in person (link in profile). However, if you’re on the other side of the world I hop that I can be a catalyst for you to truly believe that YOU ARE WORTHY.

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