It’s very simple: whatever we put our attention on will grow. Still reading? Let’s go.

The odds that you are alive and also are reading these words are so incredibly rare that I don’t think it’s a coincidence you are reading them right now. Your attention is the most valuable thing in the world and I am very grateful that it has brought you here right now.

It can be hard to put your attention on what we really want when there are many outside forces demanding our attention at once. Here’s an example, an email inbox that no matter how many times reaches inbox 0 just never quite seems to stay empty? Every single morning I face this battle too.

We hang out in this reactionary state many hours a day because you have to do so in order to survive - no matter what century you live in. But it doesn’t have to be 24/7. It is possible to know exactly what you want, have the full desire to succeed, and the courage to move beyond previous failures. This photo is proof of that.

If the attention is towards the negative, you are simply feeding that. 

If the attention is towards the positive, you are simply feeding that. 


The question becomes, which side will you feed?


In my personal experience the more I put my attention towards the good things in life the better my life feels. Trust me, I still have bad days where nothing seems to go right, but I know that because my outlook is always positive no matter the outcome, things will always be alright. I’ll still be able to get back up after I fall.

Consistent positive attention is one of the hardest things to master, but it is also one of the most rewarding.

The next time you feel negative attention pulling you away and all of a sudden you’re Darth Vader reigning anger throughout the cosmos here’s a little trick I use to flip back to becoming Skywalker... 


Take 3 deep breaths and think about 1 good thing that is happening in your life in this moment. Wait, did you just read these words? or did you actually take 3 nice…. deep… breaths! I can definitely think of one awesome thing happening to you right now… if you can read this you still have your life - now go do some powerful things with it :)

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