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Created August 31, 2014 in San Francisco, CA, USA.

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Designed for your meditation space, each photo is infused into a metal frame for maximum durability (300+ years). Made in USA. Final product has smaller watermark.
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About This Artwork

It was a beautiful blue day in the bay. Being in the city can be a constant commotion, and I feel it is extremely important to occasionally remove myself from such a chaotic environment in order to recharge and gain clarity. The journey to these areas of recharge can be quite challenging sometimes.

While riding the bus across the Bay Bridge that you see before you in this edition, I struck up a wonderful conversation with an older woman sitting next to me. It turns out that she had worked for Ansel Adams (a legendary nature photographer) while he was still alive. It was a great 10 minute talk about how things have evolved since those early days of the first professional landscape photographers. I briefly showed her my work on my phone and she provided some critical key insights into my photography. A great treat!

After saying goodbye, I hopped off the bus and began to find the spot I had pinpointed on a map the day before. I didn’t want to break any trespassing laws, so the legal route I found down to the beach from the top of the island was very steep and full of loose rock. A sketchy situation indeed, but I have been through worse scenarios. Besides, when I finally made it down to the beach the view was phenomenal.

Selecting stones for each balance is somewhat of a subconscious endeavor, as certain stones have a magnetic pull to them. On the edge of the beach was a field of rounded stones that had been worn down from the tides over many, many years. After settling on the 8 stones that you see in this edition, the real work began.

The tide kept creeping up on me, and the base stone that I had originally intended on using disappeared into the water after a half hour of trial. I then passionately found a new base rock, dramatically threw it in the sand where I envisioned the tide could no longer go, and proceeded to quickly and precisely find a way for the 8 stones to align in a unified balance. The tide somehow kept creeping up, and was gently touching the base stone with every wave. I could feel the pressure of the tide as I moved with peace, purity, and power. 15 minutes later, that moment I was hoping for finally happened. Everything locked into place.

The high afternoon sun created a beautiful shadow throughout the sculpture as the scenic San Francisco skyline and Bay Bridge were perfectly beaming in the distance. As I took a few photographs of the scene, It was a beautiful feeling to see my vision manifest itself and become something greater than I could have ever hoped. These moments of balance keep me going through the moments of great chaos and struggle, and I hope this edition serves as a wonderful reminder to you that trials and tribulations create the most wonderful moments of beauty. Trust your struggle!

Product Information


Photo Infused Into Metal
Final product is made by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. Because the image is infused into the surface and not on top of it, the images take on an almost magical luminescence. This ultra-hard scratch-resistant surface is waterproof/weatherproof and can be cleaned easily. Comes in a mid-gloss finish to provide color intensity, detail, and reduced glare.

Floating Frame
3/4” Stainless Steel Inset Frame is recessed from the edges, so the artwork appears to float away from the wall when hung.

Available in 3 Sizes
Small       8x12in      $100
Medium   16x24in    $500
Large      24x36in    $1,000

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How to Use
Hang the artwork in a place where you would like to be consistently relaxed. Take some deep breaths as you look deeply into the balance. Instead of moving in a state of constant reaction from external factors, the artwork acts as a spark to open mind and body to the internal power and abundance that is surrounding each moment. Keep focusing on the breath and slowly let go of stress and doubt. Continue on with your day in a peaceful state, and return to the artwork when you need help finding balance and clarity.