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Created August 11, 2014 in Marin, CA, USA.

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Designed for your meditation space, each photo is infused into a metal frame for maximum durability (300+ years). Made in USA. Final product has smaller watermark.
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“I believe in destiny. There must be a reason that I am as I am. There must be.” - Robin Williams

Fresh off the plane to San Francisco, I took a drive out to Marin Headlands to an old secret spot that I used to go to when I wanted to leave the city for a few hours. This specific beach was dominating my thoughts during the flight, and I knew I had to return. 

The endless pacific always stirs up such deep spiritual emotions within me, and when I am away from the Pacific for long periods of time the reunion is always a great experience. After getting to the beach and settling on this unique spot, I was in paradise. The sun was casting some warm rays that felt excellent. A few people were casually strolling down the beach, and the sound of seagulls in the distance added a great touch.

This sculpture took about an hour to work through before the balance was achieved. It was in the afternoon and there was a strange vibe in the air that I had to work through. I pushed on, and finally found a combination that I was happy with. Curious beach-strollers became instant fans once the top stone set into balance, and it became a great moment where everyone just looked at each other and realized what had happened. I’ve seen this “awestruck stare” thousands of times now, and I always get a little chuckle when I see it.

It held together surprisingly well for being such an intricate balance. After the fans went on their way, I set my camera down, left it recording, and took a stroll into the water. The resulting minute meditation was an experience unlike anything I have ever felt before (see below).

After the stones somehow magically fell over with my gaze, I packed up my gear and headed back down the trail. This edition is dedicated to all those close friends that we have lost along the way. Their presence is very comforting when they are around, but life is very fragile and their departure is always unexpected.