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Created on August 7, 2014 somewhere along the Oregon trail, USA.

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Medium - 16x24in - $400
Large - 24x36in - $1,100

Photo is infused into metal frame for maximum durability

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About EVOLUTION - #72

“Know your limits, not so that you can honor them, but so that you can smash them to pieces and reach for magnificence.”  - Cherie Carter-Scott

On a recent road trip from Colorado to Oregon, I stopped for a quick break at this awesome lake. It was an unplanned stop, but I needed to stretch my legs from the long ride. After 10 minutes of basking in this amazing scenery, I decided to just do a quick little balance before heading back on the road.

The “quick little balance” ended up taking a bit longer than expected, due to trying to find a combination of stones that made me happy and matched this amazing area. There was an extreme time constraint, as I knew I needed to stay on the road to get to my destination of Bend, Oregon before nightfall. 

The stones were unlike any other I have seen before, and seemed to be undisturbed for many years. Somehow I ended up with this final combination of stones, and as I stepped back to survey the sculpture that you see in this Edition I was overcome with elation. Sometimes an Edition can take me several hours of work before I am happy with the final product… this one took only 20 minutes and was completely spontaneous.

As I reflect on the actual photograph, it is so symbolic of the Oregon Trail and it’s impact on our modern world. The balance of the bottom stones may not seem intricate, but they are solid and allow for further growth on top of them.. much like those who risked everything on the Oregon Trail with dreams of progress. If only those very same pioneers could hold an iPhone in their hands… or take a trip with Virgin Galactic.

Looking at the top stone, it reminds me so much of the current time we live in. It seems almost impossible how much the technology has evolved since the days of the first pioneers - but regardless - it has. We are at the point where new technology can transform the world overnight. This edition is a great reminder that we have reached the point in time where anything is truly possible.