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EARTH (59)

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Created April 18th, 2014 in Boulder, CO, USA.

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Designed for your meditation space, each photo is infused into a metal frame for maximum durability (300+ years). Made in USA. Final product has smaller watermark.
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About EARTH - #59

"When we say the Earth has created life, we know it's only possible because she contains within herself the whole cosmos. Just as the Earth is not only the Earth, so too we are not only human. We have the Earth and the whole cosmos within us. We are made of the sun. We are made of the stars. Touching this true nature of reality, we can transcend the dualistic view that the cosmos is something greater than ourselves or different from ourselves." - Thich Nhat Hanh

With Earth Day being so close on the calendar, I can't help but reflect on how we treat our home. The Earth is a wonderful, abundant planet.... but as a civilization we are going down the path of destruction if we don't quickly change our mentality of how we deal with this abundance. 

Through my pursuit of stone balancing, I have trekked through high alps to shores by the city. I see firsthand the effect that humans have on the environment, and in some places it is truly sad to see the money-fueled negligence that we have toward this beautiful home. 

This shot was taken on a beautiful spring day in Boulder, Colorado. A strange intuition told me to go to this local spot and create something. I wasn't sure exactly what I would create, but I knew I had to go there.

After I arrived, the whole time I was creating this balance I was never sure what the final product would be. I have found that the faster I work, the more in tune I am with my pure creativity, and the less my limiting beliefs control me. This method of divergent thinking and working intuitively can lead to beautiful work, but in some cases can lead to absolute failure. The day that this edition was created, everything fell into place. This balance practically created itself!

As I stepped back to take the photos, the sculpture came to life and the true impact of the sculpture came into play. In the rocks I saw my consciousness, with the silhouette of the large evergreen tree next to it. As I snapped the shot that you see before you, I felt a tremendous feeling of harmony with the Earth. This harmony was not just external... It was a full, rich internal feeling that still makes me smile every time I think about it.

It was as if the sculpture was an offering to the earth, showing that amongst the chaos of the human race I will always show the appreciation and value that this big abundant world has in my life. It has taught me so much in my short existence, and there is still so much more to learn.