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Created December 25, 2015 in Boulder, CO, USA.

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Photo is infused into metal frame for maximum durability

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Additional Info

About GATHERING - #109

The holidays all give us a chance to stop for a few days and just embrace all that we have become over the past year. Coming back home to Boulder this year was something I had been waiting to enjoy for months. To share laughter and conversation with the people who are truly able to fill my heart with joy.

I created this edition on Christmas day, in early afternoon. Before I created this there were many things to do in order to prepare for additional family that was coming over, but I felt it was necessary to stop for a few minutes and just say thank you to everything that has brought me this far. 

Each one of the stones in this edition represents a specific day in my life where I faced a challenge. Each one a reminder of a specific moment in time where I was able to stand strong to the winds of change.

Earlier that morning I had received a singing bowl from my family, and after quickly picking up the proper stroke and rhythm I was able to create an experience with stone balancing that I had never experienced before. It was a similar unique and ra feeling to that first day when I taught myself how to stone balance.

The mixture of pulsating harmonic sound with balanced stones in the crisp winter air was an incredible experience. The experience could best be described as becoming fully harmonized with everything. 

I had found what I was looking for the entire year… a beautiful moment of peace. I hope this edition can do the same for you.