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The Art of Stone Balancing

My name is Travis Ruskus and my journey (much like yours) has been long and complex. I have had beautiful moments of victory... and incredibly humbling moments of defeat. The art of stone balancing has given me the skill to lean into doubt, push past my own fear, and access the infinite potential that surrounds us all.

I have taught thousands of people how to balance a single stone in the most difficult way possible, and they all get that same incredible smile when their first balanced stone finally locks into place. Regardless of age, skin color, or religious belief - the stone treats us all the same. This art form teaches presence, connection with the earth, and acts as a beautiful metaphor for whatever vision you are trying to achieve.



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Complete ‘six senses’ experience. Travis provided the leadership, nurturing & artistic chops to guide us safely past our personal limits of creative, mental & physical doubt, to see what’s possible. All in just two hours for such a small price!
— Brian
Such an awesome experience. It was the perfect way to spend an evening, with some light-moderate exercise, an awesome view, and a really unique activity to help clear your mind. Travis has great things to say and was an awesome host - even gave some tips on how to get a good instagram picture of our work! Would definitely recommend this experience for both visitors and locals.
— Lily
— Mike
To say this experience was amazing or inspiring would be a gross understatement. Travis is the kindest, most encouraging and compassionate person. You can be open and honest about anything and there is no judgment. He makes no assumptions. And Travis doesn’t tell you what to do, he teaches you a whole new way of looking at things. He challenges you to be present in a way I didn’t think was possible - and it is. The entire time, he is there supporting you, checking in with you, guiding you. I could not be more grateful to Travis for this experience. It is truly one of the greatest things I’ve ever done on a whim. It isn’t about trying to balance some rocks. It’s about connection and energy and so many other things. Step outside your comfort zone, wear comfortable shoes and do this. Until you do it, you won’t understand. So do it. And after you do? This review will make a lot more sense and I challenge you to adequately articulate how profound and amazing the time you spend with Travis will be. Thank you for everything Travis. I will never, ever forget this experience and the deeply buried inner strength you helped me find.
— Diane K.
It was a very cool experience.Travis is very nice teacher and his rock balancing skill is amazing.I met new friends, discovered secret scenery, made my own artwork during the activity:) Worth to try!
— Tang
We had a great time hiking and learning something so new. Travis is an awesome teacher and the location was perfect!
— Lauren-Dillon
Travis knows pretty well about spiritual and equilibrium subjects. He combines the theory so perfectly and makes you see life while you’re trying to build rock towers. He brought more light to my life with this experience. I fully recommend this experience, the location is amazing. Thank you Travis.
— Angel
This was a great experience. The hike is exceedingly beautiful, and learning how to balance a rock on its end is one of those simple thrills that can really put life into perspective. The waves crashing and sunset provided an extremely meditative experience, and I can’t wait to get back to build in the experience.
— Sean
Travis had a great energy about him. I left this experience very calm and relaxed. He coached me through a difficult rock balance and would definitely recommend his experience.
— Jimmy
This was a nice Zen experience. Imagine yourself being in a rocky place along the beach with almost no one around you, listening to the periods of Wave gush followed by silence with almost nothing to do except focus on the weight and balance of the rock in your hands and you walk out feeling amazed.
— Viswa
Learning the basics of rock balancing was both easier and just as fun as I expected. Travis is a great host and I appreciated how he weaved mindfulness into his art. This is an exquisitely simple and laid-back experience. You should have it.
— Nathanael
Rock stacking was really fun! Travis was a great teacher. Everyone in my group was surprised with how quickly they caught on.
— Danny