This too shall pass

My journey, much like yours, has been long and complex. I have had beautiful moments of victory, and incredibly humbling moments of defeat.

The art of stone balancing has given me the skill to lean into doubt, push past my own fear, and access the infinite potential that surrounds us all.

I have taught thousands of people how to balance a single stone in the most difficult way possible, and they all get that same incredible smile when their first balanced stone finally locks into place.

Regardless of age, skin color, or religious belief - the stone treats us all the same. The art form teaches presence, connection with the earth, and acts as a beautiful metaphor for whatever vision you are trying to achieve.

Travis Ruskus Edition 110

Take a moment and just breathe

Each artwork is a tool to help you stop, breathe, and think outside the box. I go out to amazing landscapes, become grateful and present with the environment, and create a beautiful sculpture with rocks that are millions of years old. The resulting photograph challenges the viewer to become aware of the present moment, and the balance of energy that lives within everything. 

Some of these balances require great hardships to create, and others are created with great ease. Each journey is different, and each image resonates at a different wavelength. But they all share a common thread...

They were created by having an idea and then acting upon it, letting go when the stones gently rest on top of each other in a complete state of harmony. Artist and environment merging together as one.

The artwork sparks a focused, relaxed, and positive mindset. Whether online or in your own private meditation space at home, taking a few moments to stop from the stress and chaos of the day can be a powerful practice. By becoming aware of the internal chatter during the moments you view the image, limiting beliefs begin to fade from the mind as you reconnect with the abundance that lies within every moment.

You are infinite energy

We are capable of incredible things once we believe in our true power. My belief is that we all choose our own destiny, and a seemingly impossible journey of a million steps must first begin with a single, defining moment. By creating a tool to help you let go of doubt, my art can show others the infinite potential within themselves.

When you begin to believe in possibility, you begin to unlock experiences that were previously never thought possible.

My purpose in life is to share this vision with the world. When we all realize our true potential, the possibilities of what we can achieve together are truly endless. Now take what you have learned from this moment and go make some waves!

Travis Ruskus Edition 98